Is Your Business Ready For Winter Storm Disruption?

January 4, 2019 By darya_admin

Is Your Business Ready For Winter Storm Disruption?

Met Office Warns of Coldest Winter on Record

After last year’s “beast from the east” we know that winter can have a sting in its tail. Will your business withstand the storms ahead?

The Great British public has something of a reputation when it comes to extreme winter weather. Most years, a cold snap comes around, bringing snow, high winds and flooding. And when it does so, the county grinds to a halt as if the idea of this kind of weather in January or February is something completely alien that nobody could possibly have predicted.

For those who can sit at home with their emergency backup power in place and watch the chaos unfold through their living room windows and on TV sets, the phenomenon has its comical side. But for the thousands of UK businesses that find themselves ground to a halt, it is no laughing matter.

The same old story

Every year, KPMG runs its annual Business Continuity Management Survey and every year, severe winter weather is ranked the number one disruptor, affecting more than three quarters of UK businesses. A carefully crafted business continuity plan is vital to mitigating the impact of the Great British weather and moving your business across to join the one in four that carry on unaffected by the wind and snow.

Keep the power running

In the 2019 commercial landscape, no electricity means no business operation, it is that simple. From the sole online trader operating from home to the largest factory, every business process is underpinned by its IT systems and internet connection. Modern access systems mean that you probably won’t even be able to get into the office or workshop if the power is down. A backup generator needs to be the first item in your business continuity toolkit. Go for a hire option with maintenance included and you can be sure it is always serviced and ready to be fired up when you need it most.

Working remotely

A backup generator will not solve all your problems, however. When winter strikes with all its power, it is common for roads and railway lines to become impassable, or for it to be just too risky to expect employees to venture out on the daily commute. Remote working is increasingly common today, and with a modern, cloud-based IT infrastructure, users can log on to company systems from anywhere. If your networks are still stuck in the 20th century and require people to be on site ad plugged in, perhaps it is time to invest in an upgrade to help both your business and your staff.

Looking after your people

Speaking of staff, it is always important to remember that they are the most valuable asset of any organisation, so there are business reasons, as well as ethical ones, for taking good care of them. Some basic training on winter safety, such as tips on preparing their car and driving in the snow takes less than an hour, but could make the difference between plain sailing and unthinkable disaster when the weather is at its worst.


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