Working Overseas? Don’t Leave Your Pets Behind!

January 4, 2019 By darya_admin

Working Overseas? Don’t Leave Your Pets Behind!

International Work Doesn’t Need To Affect Your Furry Friends

Advancements in remote collaboration tech are taking more workers overseas. But what about their beloved pets?

The world really does seem to be getting smaller when it comes to enhanced career opportunities. In 2018, almost half of HR managers expected to send an increasing number of employees overseas on long-term assignments. The research conducted by Collinson, a private medical insurance provider, highlighted the ease with which remote teams can be connected thanks to constant advancements in technology. And it’s not just employees that are taking advantage of the digital era – freelancers too are ditching their home offices to take their laptops abroad, working on a variety of projects across the web, whilst travelling the globe and enjoying new experiences.

If you’re dreading the thought of another long British winter at home and are tempted by a career overseas, it’s much easier than you think – even if you’re a pet owner.

Why Take Your Pets With You

Once you’ve welcomed animals into your home and have built a bond with your dog or cat for example, they have a right to be treated as well as any other member of the family. In just the same way that you plan your life choices around your children, your pets have an expectation that they’ll be at your side whether you move to a new house or a different country.

Visiting Your Vet

The first step in any overseas pet travel plans is to visit your vet at least six months in advance for relevant vaccinations and microchipping. The vaccination requirements will vary depending on your destination country.

Method Of Travel

Depending on where you’re going, you’ll usually need to make a decision about taking your pet with you by road or plane. Road travel can be much more affordable than air, and if you’re only moving to a country based in Western Europe, then it may make a lot of sense. Your pet can remain with you throughout the journey, but be sure to carry them in an approved animal crate with access to fresh water. If you’re heading further south to warmer countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, the Balkans, or outside of Europe entirely, then it would be best to arrange air travel instead as the journey is too long and would likely be too hot for your pet to remain healthy and comfortable by car.

Air travel can be arranged through a specialist pet shipping company and will involve your dog or cat travelling in the freight area of the aircraft, below the cabin. You can choose to travel on a separate flight to your pet which would allow more time to get yourself checked in at the airport; this also makes sense if your pet needs to be quarantined for a short period at your destination.

Settling In

Pets can experience depression and anxiety when they are split from their owners, but you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s really no need to cause them, or you any pain – as it’s surprisingly easy to take your pets with you. Even if you’re travelling to a country that is much warmer than the UK, you’ll find that your dog or cat adapts to the change in climate and is easily able to settle into your new life together.


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