Earn More From Your iPhone – Trade In Or Sell?

November 28, 2018 By darya_admin

Earn More From Your iPhone – Trade In Or Sell?

The trade in and selling options when disposing of your iPhone; what to beware of when selling and how specialist online smartphone buyers offer best option.   

How to maximise the value of your present handset when change is due

When the time comes to change your iPhone – whether to a new or newer version or maybe if switching to another platform such as Android – then you’ll naturally be keen to make as much money as you can from your existing handset.

Fortunately, iPhones hold their value probably the best of all smartphones but careful though as to how and where to sell it will maximise its value.

The choices:

Trade in Your Phone

Some manufacturers and mobile phone outlets offer a trade in facility against a new handset. Some, like Apple through their ‘GiveBack’ service, make it easy by allowing you to obtain a valuation from their website so you know what you’ll be offered against your chosen replacement.

While your handset will be subject to a physical inspection, all things being equal you know what you’ll be offered so you can do your sums before going into the store.

Sell Your Phone

There are various selling options:

Online specialist

A company specialising in buying smartphones online is undoubtedly a quick and easy way to sell your iPhone.

As with trading in above, you can use the company’s website to obtain a valuation of your handset after entering some information about it such as specification and condition. The valuation is swiftly confirmed and the funds transferred to your bank account very soon after you send your phone in.

If they cannot offer their quoted price (only likely if you haven’t described the phone accurately) they’ll offer you the choice of either accepting what they’ve offered or returning your handset.

It’s very quick and means you can move quickly for the replacement knowing you have the proceeds from your handset’s sale to hand. This is handy if you’re keen to take advantage of a special offer or keen to buy a phone from a private seller before it’s sold elsewhere.

Online selling

The obvious one here is eBay.

While you’ll reach many potential buyers, you do have to factor in the costs of selling such as listing fees, eBay’s cut of your selling total and maybe postage.

There’s also the waiting for it to sell and possible wasted time if someone pulls out or doesn’t complete the transaction meaning you have to start again.

There’s also online selling giant Amazon, but unless you already have an account it can be a bit of a chore setting one up but your phone will reach a huge audience.

Selling privately

Similar to eBay selling, but here this may mean selling locally as opposed to nationwide. You might either run a small ad in your local newspaper, on its website or via a site such as Gumtree (actually owned by eBay) where people often search for items for sale in their locality.

Gumtree – a national selling site divided by region; it’s free unless you’re a business seller or wish to pay extra for certain ad boosting features.

Facebook – the social media giant has entered the selling market with two variants:

Facebook Groups – you join a local group, or groups, and advertise items for sale.

Facebook Marketplace – operates similar to Gumtree in that you list items and tag them for locality.

In both cases, private purchasers respond and then visit you to complete the transaction.

The downside of using services such as Gumtree or Facebook may be if you’re selling an expensive iPhone – maybe one only a year or two old so worth several hundred pounds – and having to deal with the face to face selling of a more expensive item.

Also, you need to be careful of payment when selling privately; cash is obviously best as people can scam you when using other methods such as bank transfers, cheques and PayPal.

Other classified ad-type selling sites include Preloved and Loot.

Sell online for speed and less hassle

While it can be argued you’d get a higher price if selling your iPhone via sites like eBay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace than trading in against a new handset, it has to be counteracted through the extra time, possible hassle and maybe expense (in the case of eBay).

Overall, the best of all worlds could be selling to an online smartphone buying specialist company; you should get a competitive price for an iPhone and the whole process is quick, safe and easy.


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