Crazy Sports Days To Build A Stronger Team

October 26, 2018 By darya_admin

Crazy Sports Days To Build A Stronger Team

Invest In The Health Of Your Employees With An Active Events Day

It’s time to get your employees moving! Absenteeism is a costly problem for companies to face, but team sports days can encourage physical activity.

Poor health is a huge problem in the British workplace. In fact, unhealthy employees are thought to cost the taxpayer around £60 billion per year, due to a whopping 137 million days which are lost through sick leave. Absenteeism has a negative impact on any organisation –other staff need to cover the workload of their sick or injured colleagues which can have a knock-on effect on their own mental and physical health. Additionally, with your workforce not operating at full capacity, the organisation will be less able to meet deadlines, which may affect your business reputation.

Many companies are invested in encouraging positive health in their employees – through offering health insurance as a perk, to providing on-site gyms, savvy leaders understand that fit workers are more productive and cost-effective than those who live a sedentary lifestyle stuck at their desk for 9 hours a day. But some organisations are going the extra mile to encourage their employees to get moving, by booking multi activity days for the entire office to enjoy.

archeryPhysical Activities

Multi activity days might remind you of your school sports days, but they’re even more fun with your work colleagues cheering you on for support. There are plenty of truly physical tasks for your workers to take part in, such as a race to the top of the climbing wall. Your fittest team members will love the thrill of this event, whilst those who are new to climbing will learn a new skill that they might take up as a hobby.  Those looking for a real challenge will love being hooked up to the bungee run, fighting gravity whilst trying to beat an opposing team member. Other physical events that are bags of fun include beach volleyball, dodgeball and human table football. Who doesn’t love the opportunity to chuck balls at their work colleagues? An obstacle course and a mini school sports day complete the physical challenges of the day.

Mental Activities

Of course, the brain needs to be exercised too and there are plenty of fun and focused skills-based and logical activities for your team members to carry out together. Here your team members won’t just be cheering for you, they’ll also be essential in providing logical guidance, giving you ideas on how to win the task and beat the opposition. A number of the mental games require excellent hand-eye coordination such as archery, laser clay shooting, hoop maze and the coconut shy. This of course becomes more difficult in the blindfold tent when you’ll need to rely entirely on assistance from your teammates to get through the challenge. Your colleagues will also be ready with advice about your techniques in the particular tasks, as in the case of a game of crazy golf. Finally, for a truly skills-based challenge, the Cryptic Clues task will improve cognitive function and get those cogs turning to solve the puzzle.

Team-building activities such as the multi sports day aren’t just about improving the fitness of your employees. By bringing your staff together, outside of the formal office-based environment, you’ll give them a huge boost in morale and encourage your individual workers to communicate more effectively with their colleagues. The best part? They won’t even realise, because they’ll be having so much fun!


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