Don’t Waste Time Selling an Old Car

October 5, 2018 By darya_admin

Don’t Waste Time Selling an Old Car

The Lower Reaches of the Used Car Market Are Better Avoided

If you have an old car that has reached the end of its useful life, trying to sell it privately is usually more trouble than it’s worth.

Plenty of us get a little sentimental about our cars. Some of us give them names, and we tend to see them as old friends that are always there for us. The funny thing is that the level of sentimentality is often inversely proportional to the age and value. A brand new car worth £20,000 is a lovely thing, make no mistake. But that 20 year old hatchback that you’ve been driving for the past eight years and that’s never let you down? Now that’s got character.

Sadly, your old banger can have all the character in the world, but like an old dog that has arthritis and failing eyesight, there comes a time when you have to say goodbye. When you do, it makes sense to do the automotive equivalent of making that last phone call to the vet, and simply calling up an expert for a scrap car quote. You might be tempted to see if the car can be given an extended lease of life by selling it on, but that can be a bad idea for a whole host of reasons.

Preparation takes time and money

To advertise a car for sale you need to take plenty of pictures, inside and out, and to take the pictures, you need to make the car look as presentable as possible. Cleaning the car or getting someone to do it for you, then performing your photoshoot, then writing that killer ad and then getting the whole lot uploaded onto an ads site is going to take an afternoon of your life. It could also cost you anything from £50 to £250, depending on who does the cleaning and where you choose to advertise. How much do you think this car is worth, again? That scrap car quote is probably comparable to the price on the open market anyway, and they won’t mind that you’ve not cleaned and hoovered the car.

You get to meet “interesting people”

The sub £500 used car market is certainly a good place to meet some unusual characters. The question of whether you really want them to have your phone number and to be turning up at your house is another matter entirely. Unfortunately, as soon as that ad goes live, you’ve declared open season. Of course, there are genuine buyers out there too, but for every one of those there are five tyre kickers that will just waste your time.

It could come back to haunt you

When you sell a car privately, it is absolutely essential that you get the buyer’s details and send the paperwork off to DVLA. It’s not uncommon for unscrupulous buyers to pick a car up for a couple of hundred pounds, use it for crime and then dump it. You can guess whose door the police will be knocking on. When you sell a car to registered scrap dealers, they will deal with all the paperwork and you know your old car has been allowed to die with dignity.


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