Luxury Flats in London

September 24, 2018 By darya_admin

Luxury Flats in London

For the Best Home in London, the Only Way is Up

Today’s wealthier buyers are looking to the skies when choosing their new city homes. A luxury apartment ticks all the boxes.

A generation ago, those looking for the best real estate in the capital gravitated towards the traditional townhouses made famous in TV shows like Upstairs, Downstairs. However, one point that stands out is that this was a different age. Times change, and so does the landscape of the city itself. Today, London’s best high-end properties are the penthouse apartments that offer contemporary living, sweeping views of the city and all the luxury you can imagine.

Sales of apartments costing £1 million or more have trebled over the past ten years, and 96 percent of them are in the capital. As “the Shoreditch effect” continues to roll out across the city and its immediate environs, developers are paying attention to what today’s buyers want and every redevelopment is topped by luxury penthouses. Complexes typically have their own gym, shop, sometimes even a pool and cinema. Here are some of the top locations to consider.


This vibrant neighbourhood retains a bohemian, village-like feel with no shortage of independent shops, great eateries of every type imaginable and a lively nightlife. It also benefits from having the tranquillity of the Regents Canal in easy walking distance, for times when you just want to get away from it all. Essex Road was once the poor relation to Upper Street, to which it runs parallel. It couldn’t compete with the shops and restaurants, which is why it is now becoming more residential, with some impressive gated apartment complexes.


It’s the place where the rich and famous come to stay, and there are a number of developments in the area between Brompton Road and Hyde Park. One of the most remarkable is Wellington Court, home to the famous Tom Cruise penthouse. This was marketed in 2015 for an astonishing £35 million, and was previously rented out by Pinewood to accommodate Rihanna, Aston Kutcher and, of course, the small but perfectly formed star of Mission Impossible.

The South Bank

It’s not all conversions, either. St George’s latest development, known as The Vase, is specifically aimed at those wanting a slice of London’s luxury apartment lifestyle. The ambitious project is 50 storeys high, and the focus is 100 percent on high-end living. Apartments include features such as saunas, snow cabins and jungle showers. There is also a basement complex, containing three subterranean floors of amenities for residents, including a private cinema, a virtual golf course and even a wine tasting room.

Prices have yet to be released for the apartments, but if you want the very best accommodation in the city, it is easy to see why this can make a compelling choice, compared to a draughty old town house in Belgravia. And given that lenders are still dishing out 800,000 mortgages, or even more, this could be the perfect moment to reassess your finances. That Tom Cruise lifestyle might just be something you can enjoy a piece of after all.


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