Why London Construction Managers Must Be Certified

September 17, 2018 By darya_admin

Why London Construction Managers Must Be Certified

What site management safety training scheme (SMSTS) certification provides and why it’s important to help ensure a construction manager runs a safe site.

Training in site management safety important for ensuring latest regulations are met

With the amount of safety legislation applicable on construction sites and the regular updates and changes made, it’s vital that construction managers and others responsible for the safety on a construction site receive industry recognised training.

Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS)

People moving into areas of safety management and holding responsibility for the wellbeing of others while working on a construction site should pass CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) recognised training such as a SMSTS training course delivered by a reputable training company.

This course is designed to ensure attendees finish their training with a full knowledge and understanding of current health and safety regulations. They’ll also learn how to ensure full safety procedures and practices are implemented in various construction activities such as working in confined spaces, using electricity and more.

Certification both equips the construction manager with the safety knowledge to help them do their job as competently as possible and oversee a safe working environment, and ensures workers have faith they’re working on a site where management are conversant with and adhere to stringent safety standards.

Thorough training

The SMSTS course is over five days and lasts for 37.5 hours so basically a full working week, and attendees must attend all five days – if any are missed for whatever reason the individual concerned would have to start the course again from the beginning.

Construction managers holding the SMSTS certification will not only be familiarised with health and safety legislation, but will be trained in the following amongst others:

Risk assessing – why it’s important to undertake risk assessments

Hazard control – how to identify and control hazards associated with building and engineering environments

Various legislations including:

  • Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
  • Construction (Design and Management) Regulations
  • Working at Height Regulations

Other training covers aspects such as:

  • Use of scaffolding
  • Working in confined spaces
  • Electricity use
  • Conducting excavations

So SMSTS certification covers a lot of safety-related ground and enables the fully certified construction manager (or other personnel responsible for site safety) to deal with most safety related eventualities from a position of being fully trained with up to date knowledge.

Updating knowledge

Along with full certification, construction managers and the like need to keep their knowledge fresh and current in the face of changing regulations, and this is an expectation of continued valid certification. They achieve this by attending an SMSTS refresher course at least every three years after their full training.

Confidence in the construction manager’s safety knowledge

A fully safety trained construction manager holding SMSTS certification will give site workers confidence and peace of mind that the person in charge has the knowledge to ensure their workplace is as safe as possible.

Along with the ground covered as described above, and the requirement to attend the entire course with no gaps, construction managers and others taking the training perform a series of exercises including in depth core activities including work on risk assessment, site briefings and site set up. These are assessed during the training by the course leader.

Finally, each attendee has to pass a multiple choice exam to pass the course and gain certification.

Rigorous legislation requires comprehensive training

Ever more stringent safety legislation and the adherence to specific workplace procedures can only work if personnel responsible for site safety are not only fully trained, but their training is fully up to date.

SMSTS certification helps ensure the construction manager makes the workplace they’re overseeing is as safe a working environment as possible.

Funding from the CITB may be available for safety training.


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