Get Your Property Ready for a Selling This Autumn

September 3, 2018 By darya_admin

Get Your Property Ready for a Selling This Autumn

Make the Most of the Autumn Lull

Many people assume spring of summer is the best time to sell a house. Wait till autumn, though, and you can take advantage the pre-Christmas buyers

Contrary to some speculation, house hunters tend to be scouring the market 12 months of the year. Sure, there is a slight increase in the spring and again over the Christmas period, but this is more than countered by the fact that significantly more sellers choose that season to market their properties. Placing yours on the market in autumn makes a lot of sense, as you will be up against fewer competing properties, and buyers will be keen to complete and be in their new homes for Christmas.

At least, these are the observations of an estate agent in Romford who is expecting sales in this popular town on the outskirts of London to remain strong throughout the remainder of 2018. Here are some tips for preparing your home for an autumn sale.

Make the most of the garden colours

Autumn can be truly magical in terms of the colours on display as the leaves gradually turn brown. If there are trees in the garden, you can show them off to their full advantage – but it needs a little work on your part. Autumn leaves look less magical if they are littered all over the garden or spilling out of the gutters and turning to mulch.

Give the whole garden the once over to ensure it is at its best – the grass will still be growing, just more slowly, so keep on top of that too. And have a final rake around before potential viewers turn up.

Bring some of the magic inside

Think about your target buyer – this is someone who is looking for a new home that they can be in for the festive season. That means they must see your property as more than just four walls, and they really need to fall in love with it.

A good way to achieve that is to bring some of that autumnal magic inside and blend it with a sense of cosiness. Add some autumn colours to the décor – it’s time to put those cottons and pastel shades away for another year and replace them with wool or velvet in tartan, red or purple.

Soft lighting, candles and a real fire burning all add to the ambience. You could even get some fairy lights up early, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Get the basics right

Of course, it doesn’t matter how well you present your property if it is not marketed and priced properly to get viewers in through the door. Speak to a local estate agent who understands the current market and outline why you are selling and your pricing expectations. That way you can work together to come up with a sales strategy that will be effective.

When your potential buyers come to view, try to get the right mixture of giving them space to look around for themselves, while being available to answer questions. Bizarre as it sounds, buyers are influenced by the sellers as well as the property itself. Put simply, if they like you, there’s a greater probability that they will like the property, so make an effort to be friendly and welcoming.


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